It’s Friday already!

Already Friday and nearly another month, the weeks are flying by.

There have been gorgeous sunsets of late, I spotted this urban skyline on my way home from work.


There are early spring flowers in the garden, including these vibrant golden crocuses.


Healthy dinners, some mixed grains and lentils, with mushrooms and grilled halloumi, delicious and comforting on a cold evening.


A bit of hooking in the evening; a puff stitch hexagon in lovely pink lambs’ wool ( I found the pattern here, a lovely blog with lots of fab crochet)


The view across to the hills has been great of late, with snow on the hilltops


Just some peeks at the week that’s been 😄


Winter views

There was much snow and ice here in Glasgow and Scotland last week


It has been pretty cold, a sudden plunge into deep winter;  after a mild autumn, it has come as a bit of a shock to have to don so many more layers when venturing out!


I took these photos when I arrived home from work one evening, after a fresh fall of snow


A pretty icing sugar dusting on the trees


The next morning was glorious, and everywhere glistened.

imageWhen the the sun shines and the snow sparkles, it is gorgeous. Winter has its brightest coat on days like this one above.

November review

Most of the photos I’ve taken this November have been of the wonderful clouds and sunny/sunset skiesimage

even though the days are getting shorter and colder


the views looking up have been spectacular!


2013 review: Seasons at home

Living at the top of a hill is a good place to watch the seasons come and go and the landscape change.










The same view in different light – I never tire of looking over across the city to the hills to the north of Glasgow, seeing them bathed in sunlight or covered in white snow, grey storm clouds overhead or pink and orange sunset streaks in the sky. It will probably look the same this year as it did in 2013, but that’s fine: the familiar can be a reassuring constant in all our lives.

24: Winter walk for Christmas Eve

I’m on a poetry roll, so for today, as the UK is battered and blown around by gale force winds and rain, another poem rejoicing in the seasons and nature by John Clare.

Winter Walk

The holly bush, a sober lump of green,
Shines through the leafless shrubs all brown and grey,
And smiles at winter be it eer so keen
With all the leafy luxury of May.
And O it is delicious, when the day
In winter’s loaded garment keenly blows
And turns her back on sudden falling snows,
To go where gravel pathways creep between
Arches of evergreen that scarce let through
A single feather of the driving storm;
And in the bitterest day that ever blew
The walk will find some places still and warm
Where dead leaves rustle sweet and give alarm
To little birds that flirt and start away.

John Clare


I took this photo a couple of years ago on a snowy winter walk and thought it was a good accompaniment to this poem.

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Autumn –  ok, sometimes the weather is inclement, but when the changing leaves produce such glorious colour, I love being outside surrounded by such splendour.



IMG_1050The park near to where I live is a blaze of russet browns, deep red, gold and green at the moment.




The grey sky makes the vivid colours sing out




It’s still beautiful, even when the light starts to fade and the rain falls.



IMG_1063It’s wonderful to have such an abundance of rich hue and inspiration on my doorstep – thanks for walking with me.