2014 – review of the year

I’ve been looking back over this year and all the photos I’ve taken

In the garden


Crochet – 2 unfinished projects and some test squares below but they look lovely and colourful. I haven’t always had time to pick up my hook but I still love it when I do. I don’t make resolutions but I do intend to make more time for hooking in 2015!



The view from the top of the hill over the last 12 months and 4 seasons


Miss Tara,  lovely happy bundle of fun, a delightful companion ❤


Cakes and baking, food and produce from the garden


Places I visited; clockwise from top left, Inverness, Liverpool, Skipton, Liverpool (the interior of the Central Library), West Kirby on the Wirral and Belfast.


Family feasts, a big birthday and some music making which I was proud to be part of


Good times!

Let’s hope 2015 will bring lots of goodness to all, Happy New Year!


November review

Most of the photos I’ve taken this November have been of the wonderful clouds and sunny/sunset skiesimage

even though the days are getting shorter and colder


the views looking up have been spectacular!


November Sunday

A gorgeous, sunny crisp cold Sunday here today in Glasgow imageNext door’s cherry tree is almost bare of its leaves; the sun streams through the branches.

in the front garden, the hydrangea flowers are silhouetted by the blue, blue sky


Tara has been enjoying the sunshine and fresh air all morning

imagebut it’s a bit cold for me, I’m heading indoors for coffee in my new mug (from IKEA ) chocolate and crochet!

imageHappy Sunday to you, whatever it may bring.

Up North again

I visited Inverness last week again; my job takes me there twice a year and it always gives great photo opportunities! It was cold and crispy, my favourite kind of autumn weather. The river glistened in the afternoon sun on Saturday

imagewith gorgeous golden leaves above


While I took these photos, the bells of the cathedral were ringing. As you can imagine, it was a wonderful sound to accompany these images.

Impressive castle framed by the trees


Here it is later on in the evening with twinkling fairy lights in the trees on the riverbank


I managed some unintended Bokeh in this next photo – trying to photograph the moon is tricky, and I wouldn’t normally post out of focus pics but it looks pretty!


Happy times in a lovely place 😄






October review



October has been a beautiful month; mild weather, harvesting fruit and vegetables, turning leaves of golden and russet hues, and wonderful skies filled with pink and orange clouds. I made several flavours of gin based liqueur for Christmas, in the photo, you can see raspberry and blueberry. I decided to crochet myself something to wear, there’s a glimpse of it above and I will reveal more soon. It’s been busy at work too, but happily with enough time to enjoy all of the above 😄

Apple harvest

After a few days of horrible rain and wind, yesterday brought a beautiful autumn afternoon, sunny and crisp; perfect for finally picking the abundant crop of this year’s apples. 3 small trees yielded all these apples!



The apples in the above photo are Golden Delicious, a bit marked on the skin but they taste fine when peeled so I will give some away and eat the rest. The other two bucketfuls I’ll wrap and store; lots of fruit to last through the winter months.


Just letting them dry out a little before they get a newspaper duvet


And a cardboard box bed to hide in till they are needed for pie/crumble duty!

September review

imageSeptember was a great month for weather, still warm and dry, so there was much gardening; new potatoes were dug up and I harvested  the first fruits from my plum tree. I made plum gin, ready for Christmas with luck! Earlier this summer, I had laid my hook down for a short break but I got back into the swing of crochet again, with restful afternoons in the sun hooking away. Tara is so changed now from the timid, chubby little indoor cat who came here last December – she has lost 1.3 kilos and adores being outside. It’s lovely to see her so being so confident and healthy.


Goodbye September, you were grand!

Autumn colours

The end of September, the beginning of autumn, Indian summer days with chilly nights, the season has changed here in Scotland.


The garden has some beautiful shades of deep pink, red and green just now

imageA fantastic crop of apples are ripening nicely, ready in a couple of weeks methinks!


Blackberries, a present from next door’s overgrown hedge 🙂


I dug up some of my potatoes today, even they match the pink tones in the garden


Someone loves being out and about!


Enjoying the blue sky days while we still can.

Days to cherish and remember when the dark, gloomy winter clouds come.

Good times 🙂










Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Autumn –  ok, sometimes the weather is inclement, but when the changing leaves produce such glorious colour, I love being outside surrounded by such splendour.



IMG_1050The park near to where I live is a blaze of russet browns, deep red, gold and green at the moment.




The grey sky makes the vivid colours sing out




It’s still beautiful, even when the light starts to fade and the rain falls.



IMG_1063It’s wonderful to have such an abundance of rich hue and inspiration on my doorstep – thanks for walking with me.