Spring flowers

I love me some tulips, I’ve already documented that fact here, but I can’t ignore the pictorial possibilities of a few lovely colourful tulips.


 Some old favourites alongside some new purple ladies

 The pink and white striped flowers haven’t yet opened, so I am looking forward to seeing them bloom soon. 

 I was bought a present last year, tulips from Amsterdam in fact! Here they are, today, next to newly clipped box bushes.


One more addition: this spectacular yellow and rust coloured beauty, there’s only one this year but it is a good one!


Spring flowers, looking lovely.


Handmade Christmas 2

More decorations using some re-purposes branches from the garden. This is the same branch I used last year to make a glittering golden over-mantelpiece hanging. But I have had a living room makeover since then; now, 2 lovely green sofas grace the room and so my colour scheme is chosen to match.


I found these green and cream baubles in Lidl,they are a perfect match for my sofas! I borrowed the white crocheted motifs from a garland I made a couple of years ago, snazzy stars.for Christmas.I had already made and revealed my Danish heart in green and cream; it was waiting to be used and it looks perfect.



So here is the full wall hanging-fresh colours and simple style.

I’m on a roll with my wood themed decorating! I found this little wooden tree in the supermarket on sale. Looks perfect with some heart lights, lovely shadows!


I have a wooden star (also from Lidl)


And for the dining/music room, I found a lovely chunky branch in the garden, which I’ve been drying out for a few weeks. I cut some holly and ivy and twisted and tied these onto the branch. I added an owl ( because I like them) and another crocheted heart in pink and rose-beige.



I’ve kept my decorations simple this year, no tinsel or glitter. I like it, it’s still festive and light with a touch of the outdoors.

Happy decorating!


Oliver’s rose

IMG_0481A beautiful rose for my beautiful cat Oliver, who died at the end of July. He loved the garden and spent most of his day out and about there, even when he became ill.  I knew this rose was perfect as a tribute to him as soon as I saw it; as colourful and characterful as he was,  and so I have scattered his ashes beneath these flowers.

Sleep well my dear



It’s been very wintry of late here in Scotland.


Last week was really bitter and out walking I saw this frozen pond in the park.


heron walking on the ice


and beautiful winter sunset


Too cold to linger for long though!

Loose ends

There’s been much al fresco crochet going on over the last dew days, as Scotland enjoys unseasonal heatwave weather, 22 degrees Celsius today; perfect!

I’m finishing off a little something with a spring, floral theme….reveal coming soon!

Just finished

I made this for my friend Liz, it’s a birthday gift for a relative and will soon be wending its way to Australia; it makes me feel very happy to think that this cushion will be gracing a chair or sofa on the other side of the world. Liz asked me for a colour scheme of gold and red, so I chose yarns in buttery yellow and burnished bronze, and rich red and a variegated yarn with copper, red and purple. It’s bold and vibrant and I think it’s turned out beautifully. The rose motif  is one I’ve used before to great effect and fittingly, it comes from Sarah London in Australia

I made a granny square for the back

And a button fastening; I had these small creamy yellow buttons in my button box, waiting for the right project to finish off.

I’m loving the fact that making items on request is getting me to be much more adventurous in my choices of colour. Left to my own devices, I’d never have picked these shades and combined them, but they work so well together. I must get out of my comfort zone more often and use a broader, bolder palette!