A day for planning


A day of foul, wintry weather in these parts; rain, sleet, hail, strong wind and cold temperatures.

A day for staying in with my new diary,  new notebook and new iPad cover 😄

A day for looking for music for my pupils


A day for snuggling up on the sofa with a cuddly cat

A day to plan and prepare, and to look forward to what’s ahead!


November Sunday

A gorgeous, sunny crisp cold Sunday here today in Glasgow imageNext door’s cherry tree is almost bare of its leaves; the sun streams through the branches.

in the front garden, the hydrangea flowers are silhouetted by the blue, blue sky


Tara has been enjoying the sunshine and fresh air all morning

imagebut it’s a bit cold for me, I’m heading indoors for coffee in my new mug (from IKEA ) chocolate and crochet!

imageHappy Sunday to you, whatever it may bring.

Up North again

I visited Inverness last week again; my job takes me there twice a year and it always gives great photo opportunities! It was cold and crispy, my favourite kind of autumn weather. The river glistened in the afternoon sun on Saturday

imagewith gorgeous golden leaves above


While I took these photos, the bells of the cathedral were ringing. As you can imagine, it was a wonderful sound to accompany these images.

Impressive castle framed by the trees


Here it is later on in the evening with twinkling fairy lights in the trees on the riverbank


I managed some unintended Bokeh in this next photo – trying to photograph the moon is tricky, and I wouldn’t normally post out of focus pics but it looks pretty!


Happy times in a lovely place 😄






Vintage pink and blue

My vintage crochet in fact; I discovered these squares in a box last week when I was having a tidy up. I must have made them when I first started crocheting, about 5 years ago. Definitely during my purple/pink period!


I think they look pretty good for a novice – I have an idea for a way to use them, better than putting them back into that box and forgetting them again.

i also found a very wonky piece of raspberry pink star stitch crochet, meant if I remember rightly, to be a cushion, but I obviously went wrong somewhere and it was more of a diamond than a square!


The star stitch pattern looks lovely but even if I blocked the piece I don’t think it’s useable, so I decided the best thing was to rip it out and start again. I’ve used this lovely wool and silk blend yarn for lots of things before, it’s a dream to work with. It makes beautiful roses, like the one at the front, with its pink sisters.


It was interesting looking at my first crochet makings. They make me realise I wasn’t so bad after all, but, delightful as pink and purple are, I have become more adventurous with colour now!


Mr Lurgy visited my house last week and I had to down tools for a bit and take to my sick bed. Not good, and I won’t dwell on that – I’ll move on swiftly to my post- illness crochet recuperation. As any crochet lover will know, it does work a treat when one is not firing on all cylinders; calming and soothing, stress relieving and relaxing; last week, I  found it to be all these things. I managed to finish a WIP I have been making off and on for a while, a cushion cover using the African flower pattern in a version which ends up as a square. I used red for the petals edged with grey with a black centre, so the flowers looked like poppies, and then finished the squares off with a lovely soft cream yarn.  I made 9 of these squares for the front and then decided on a granny square in all of these colours plus a light grey for the back. A button fastening using large white and red buttons for a vintage look, and voila! Here’s a collage with views of all of the afore-mentioned for you to enjoy!


I’m delighted with how it has turned out – I think the African flower pattern is so versatile and can look so different depending on the colours you use. These lovely poppies will keep me going till some real ones grow in the garden.


Stopping for crochet today

A welcome day off work, there haven’t been many of those lately, so it’s been a welcome chance to get off the treadmill and relax!


Crochet on the sofa, de-stressing of the best and most colourful kind


I used this pattern for this interesting effect. (I’ve also seen this stitch effect called Apache Tears). I have plans to turn this into a blanket of the loveliest and largest kind, to fit a king size bed using all my favourite colours. The idea is still taking shape in my head, more updates of progress will follow!


A few more rows today to keep that relaxing day off feeling are definitely in order 🙂


11: Homemade Christmas decorations

I wanted to bring a bit of rustic charm to my Christmas decorations this year, and I hit on the idea of making an over mantlepiece wall hanging using a big branch from the garden. I cut a branch from one of my lilac trees(they do need pruning!) trimmed it a bit, added some natural twine to hang it, then to decorate, a one-colour theme.


Some golden baubles, a couple of golden love birds!


stars and moon and a golden heart for happiness


I love it!