It’s Friday already!

Already Friday and nearly another month, the weeks are flying by.

There have been gorgeous sunsets of late, I spotted this urban skyline on my way home from work.


There are early spring flowers in the garden, including these vibrant golden crocuses.


Healthy dinners, some mixed grains and lentils, with mushrooms and grilled halloumi, delicious and comforting on a cold evening.


A bit of hooking in the evening; a puff stitch hexagon in lovely pink lambs’ wool ( I found the pattern here, a lovely blog with lots of fab crochet)


The view across to the hills has been great of late, with snow on the hilltops


Just some peeks at the week that’s been 😄


November review

Most of the photos I’ve taken this November have been of the wonderful clouds and sunny/sunset skiesimage

even though the days are getting shorter and colder


the views looking up have been spectacular!


Up North again

I visited Inverness last week again; my job takes me there twice a year and it always gives great photo opportunities! It was cold and crispy, my favourite kind of autumn weather. The river glistened in the afternoon sun on Saturday

imagewith gorgeous golden leaves above


While I took these photos, the bells of the cathedral were ringing. As you can imagine, it was a wonderful sound to accompany these images.

Impressive castle framed by the trees


Here it is later on in the evening with twinkling fairy lights in the trees on the riverbank


I managed some unintended Bokeh in this next photo – trying to photograph the moon is tricky, and I wouldn’t normally post out of focus pics but it looks pretty!


Happy times in a lovely place 😄






October review



October has been a beautiful month; mild weather, harvesting fruit and vegetables, turning leaves of golden and russet hues, and wonderful skies filled with pink and orange clouds. I made several flavours of gin based liqueur for Christmas, in the photo, you can see raspberry and blueberry. I decided to crochet myself something to wear, there’s a glimpse of it above and I will reveal more soon. It’s been busy at work too, but happily with enough time to enjoy all of the above 😄

I’m a bit behind

Real life gets in the way sometimes. At the start of this year, I resolved to do a photo collage at the end of every month, but I never posted April or May. Too busy. So here they are, better late than never.


April, spring flowers and blossom, getting back into my shed after a winter break and Tara continues to enjoy living here and being thoroughly spoilt.

imageMay, the garden coming to life, some interesting skylines and colourful crochet.


Highland summer

I visited Inverness last week, and the weather was quite a mix of sunshine and heavy showers. I took some good photos, a couple of those being just in the right place kind.

imageThe Caledonian Canal at midday, lovely reflections in the water.


Crossing the River Ness at 10.30 pm as the sun was setting.




Hiya,it’s Tara here. I’m so excited to be speaking to you today.  I love it here in my new home, 6 months here and it’s brilliant!


Here is the place outside the back door, big and green – the “garden” ! Before I came to live here, I stayed inside all the time so I’d never seen anywhere like it before – it’s brilliant!


I love being outdoors. Lovely soft green grass to lie on, flowers to smell and all kinds of places to explore. I sometimes sneak into next door’s garden too!


This is my mum’s latest addition, a greenhouse, nice plants to sniff in here and it’s good for taking shelter from showers

And, I even have my own little purple shed, brilliant!


I love running around outside, it’s great fun and I have lost loads of weight too, almost 1kg. It’s important to make the most of oneself, don’t you think, especially when one is a pretty cat lady!


I’ll be coming back here to let you know what I’m up to soon. More garden antics and slimming tips for sure, it’ll be brilliant! Bye for now x

March review

imageI can’t quite believe another month has flown by, it only seems like last week that I wrote my February review! But March is already over, a hectic month for me with lots of work and not much play at all, the weather played tricks with blue sky and sun in the middle of the month and then returned to grey, foggy and cold. Here in the UK, it was Mothers Day and  the clocks went forward during the last weekend of March, so at last, we have longer days and there was a bit of partying and making a fuss of my mum. Every day in March there were more and more things growing in the garden, bringing beautiful splashes of colour to the post-winter landscape and I managed to find a few welcome moments to crochet. It’s been tiring and busy, in a good, fulfilling way, but I’m glad March is over and a new month with a more relaxed feel is underway!


February review

Another month has flown by, and already 2 months of 2014 have passed by. February seems to me to be a transitional month, heralding the change from winter to spring, here in the UK.  Snowdrops and crocuses have appeared, birds sing in the garden and the air is fresher and clearer.  It’s great to be able to garden again, even in small spates. Tara is enjoying the garden too: it’s lovely to watch her becoming confident and at ease outside, discovering the great outdoors for the first time in her life.


I’ve done lots of crocheting, the grey winter days have needed to be balanced with colourful yarns makings!

Bring it on, March, I’m ready for whatever you have in store.

2013 review: Seasons at home

Living at the top of a hill is a good place to watch the seasons come and go and the landscape change.










The same view in different light – I never tire of looking over across the city to the hills to the north of Glasgow, seeing them bathed in sunlight or covered in white snow, grey storm clouds overhead or pink and orange sunset streaks in the sky. It will probably look the same this year as it did in 2013, but that’s fine: the familiar can be a reassuring constant in all our lives.