2013 review: Crochet

This year has been a little sporadic on the crafty front. I was so busy with work for the first part of the year, and then lovely hot summer + yarn + sick cat do not go together well, then more of being busy, so I didn’t think I’d have much to review. But I did make all of these things this year, so perhaps it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought!


1: Stars

Today  is the 1st of December and Christmas is in the air. Over the next 4 weeks, I thought I would do a series of Christmas posts; a sort of Advent calendar of posts with all kinds of Christmas and winter-related things; poems, songs, traditions, crafts and food! (I know for some people it isn’t winter where you are, but it is here in the UK!)

So, to kick us off, some crochet.  I made some stars using lovely 100% lambs’ wool, and thought they would look good appliqued to cards.


Cream card brings out the rich coloursP1040982


Red card for the cream and gold stars



And some elegant grey card to make this posh pink star sizzle!


They’re all shining brightly in my Etsy shop now!

Unexpectedly AWOL

Oops, I didn’t mean to stay away so long, but with summer holidays and then return to work, I’ve been otherwise engaged.

Here’s something I’ve been making…..cards with crochet!!

What have I been doing……..well, I’ve dodged the gallons of rain we have been subjected to this summer and enjoyed the sun when it appeared, I went to Liverpool where I had a fantastic haircut, and to the Edinburgh festival. I’ve gardened, had a big clear-out of ‘stuff’, caught up with friends, and passed many happy hours in my shed experimenting with yarn. I watched lots of the Olympics and Paralympics. I went to a sale of film props and got some brilliant bargains.

And I’ve given this blog a makeover.

More crochet makings soon; I’m glad to be back!

This week

I finished this

This was fun to make, I just let rip with the colours and the black makes them look so vivid. A pleasing end result.

I started this – although the effect is so different, it is the same pattern as above. So far so good.

Some brilliant flowers indoors

I went on an amazing musical journey, going to see Wagner’s Ring Cycle;  a recorded transmission of from the Metropolitan Opera in New York, performed over the last 12 months – having played this, I thought it was probably good to be in the audience for a change. Awesome stuff (If you click on the link, it will take you to a fantastic clip so you can get a flavour.)

Outdoor beauty – this rose is called ‘Nostalgia’…..very pretty!

There have been a lot of these big black clouds recently, the great British summer is its usual unpredictable self

Back soon after a trip to the Lake District. Photo opportunities galore, with luck!

Spring flower power

I promised a look at what all those colourful ends had turned into; so here it is, a cushionful of daisies! It is a happy combination of 2 of my favourite things –  I like flowers and I like crochet so the 2 together for me are a winning combination.

32 multi-coloured daisy squares, all edged with lovely soft cream lambs’ wool.

Finished off with some cream buttons which have a distressed finish.

I found the pattern in this book, and really loved how it looked especially when I started playing around with many different colours in a random mix. It was a lovely project to work on, very restful and rewarding to see how the mix of hues brought the end result together. The flowers were made with a mixture of yarns; predominantly acrylic but also some wool/acrylic mix and other blends of wool and synthetic fibres.  A riotous rainbow was what I was after, so the colour was the main consideration in my choices. The cream lambs wool is a favourite from this Ebay seller, just a lovely yarn to work with and it sets off the daisies a treat.

I have another of these on the go now; I thought a pair, not identical twins but very similar would look even better than one!