Scarlet flowers and frills


A baby blanket in scarlet, cream and green,  a present for my friend’s new baby, I was inspired by her name in my choice of colours, and made it flowery and frilly, just like all beautiful baby girls should be. A red flower centre, surrounded by a cream granny square with a soft green treble edge. I joined the squares together on the back using the red yarn and double crochet stitching, 16 squares in total. Then I added an edging of half treble crochet rows in red and cream and a final shell stitch row to create a frilly edge. Lovely and summery!

January review

It’s good to look back over the month just passed and reflect on what has happened. January was busy but full of good friends, food and laughter. It was my birthday, Tara made herself at home and seems very happy here, the garden has had a little attention between the many bouts of rain, there’s been lots of music and I even had time for some crochet too.


Good times!

25: Christmas Day!

Happy Christmas! I hope everyone who reads and follows this blog has a wonderful day –  it has to be a musical offering on Christmas Day, enjoy this energetic interpretation of this splendid chorus from Handel’s Messiah 🙂

Snapped this week


Cat paws

Looking up at blue sky day

Glasgow evening – walking towards George Square

My friend’s birthday cake – it’s a disco ball!