Spring flowers

I love me some tulips, I’ve already documented that fact here, but I can’t ignore the pictorial possibilities of a few lovely colourful tulips.


 Some old favourites alongside some new purple ladies

 The pink and white striped flowers haven’t yet opened, so I am looking forward to seeing them bloom soon. 

 I was bought a present last year, tulips from Amsterdam in fact! Here they are, today, next to newly clipped box bushes.


One more addition: this spectacular yellow and rust coloured beauty, there’s only one this year but it is a good one!


Spring flowers, looking lovely.

It’s Friday already!

Already Friday and nearly another month, the weeks are flying by.

There have been gorgeous sunsets of late, I spotted this urban skyline on my way home from work.


There are early spring flowers in the garden, including these vibrant golden crocuses.


Healthy dinners, some mixed grains and lentils, with mushrooms and grilled halloumi, delicious and comforting on a cold evening.


A bit of hooking in the evening; a puff stitch hexagon in lovely pink lambs’ wool ( I found the pattern here, a lovely blog with lots of fab crochet)


The view across to the hills has been great of late, with snow on the hilltops


Just some peeks at the week that’s been 😄


Winter views

There was much snow and ice here in Glasgow and Scotland last week


It has been pretty cold, a sudden plunge into deep winter;  after a mild autumn, it has come as a bit of a shock to have to don so many more layers when venturing out!


I took these photos when I arrived home from work one evening, after a fresh fall of snow


A pretty icing sugar dusting on the trees


The next morning was glorious, and everywhere glistened.

imageWhen the the sun shines and the snow sparkles, it is gorgeous. Winter has its brightest coat on days like this one above.

A day for planning


A day of foul, wintry weather in these parts; rain, sleet, hail, strong wind and cold temperatures.

A day for staying in with my new diary,  new notebook and new iPad cover 😄

A day for looking for music for my pupils


A day for snuggling up on the sofa with a cuddly cat

A day to plan and prepare, and to look forward to what’s ahead!

2014 – review of the year

I’ve been looking back over this year and all the photos I’ve taken

In the garden


Crochet – 2 unfinished projects and some test squares below but they look lovely and colourful. I haven’t always had time to pick up my hook but I still love it when I do. I don’t make resolutions but I do intend to make more time for hooking in 2015!



The view from the top of the hill over the last 12 months and 4 seasons


Miss Tara,  lovely happy bundle of fun, a delightful companion ❤


Cakes and baking, food and produce from the garden


Places I visited; clockwise from top left, Inverness, Liverpool, Skipton, Liverpool (the interior of the Central Library), West Kirby on the Wirral and Belfast.


Family feasts, a big birthday and some music making which I was proud to be part of


Good times!

Let’s hope 2015 will bring lots of goodness to all, Happy New Year!


Handmade Christmas 3

It’s nice to make a few edibles for Christmas. I didn’t make a cake this year, because I don’t really like Christmas cake, if I’m honest. But I did make mince pies-these are a new recipe with a frangipane topping full of ground almonds

imageThey were delicious! This is the recipe I used

I also made my own mincemeat – it has rhubarb and vanilla in it and is very good (a tried, tested and loved Nigella Lawson recipe which I tweak by adding cherries and omitting currants)

image image

This went into the aforementioned mince pies!

I made my own fruit liqueur, a variation on sloe or damson gin. I made raspberry flavoured gin. It’s very easy to do, just wash and dry your fruit, put it into sterilised jars with sugar, fill the jar with gin(or vodka), pop the lid on and put in a dark place for about a month, giving the jar a shake for the first few days to dissolve the sugar. Then strain it through a sieve lined with kitchen paper(as in the second photo below and pour into sterilised bottles, seal and then enjoy at your leisure. Nice in a shot glass or diluted with lemonade or soda water!

image image image

Handmade Christmas 2

More decorations using some re-purposes branches from the garden. This is the same branch I used last year to make a glittering golden over-mantelpiece hanging. But I have had a living room makeover since then; now, 2 lovely green sofas grace the room and so my colour scheme is chosen to match.


I found these green and cream baubles in Lidl,they are a perfect match for my sofas! I borrowed the white crocheted motifs from a garland I made a couple of years ago, snazzy stars.for Christmas.I had already made and revealed my Danish heart in green and cream; it was waiting to be used and it looks perfect.



So here is the full wall hanging-fresh colours and simple style.

I’m on a roll with my wood themed decorating! I found this little wooden tree in the supermarket on sale. Looks perfect with some heart lights, lovely shadows!


I have a wooden star (also from Lidl)


And for the dining/music room, I found a lovely chunky branch in the garden, which I’ve been drying out for a few weeks. I cut some holly and ivy and twisted and tied these onto the branch. I added an owl ( because I like them) and another crocheted heart in pink and rose-beige.



I’ve kept my decorations simple this year, no tinsel or glitter. I like it, it’s still festive and light with a touch of the outdoors.

Happy decorating!


Homemade Christmas 1

I like to make as much as I can for Christmas – it’s fun to do, is invariably cheaper than buying and means one ends up with a unique gift or decoration.

Instead of a tree which sits in the room, this year I wanted a wall mounted one. I’ve seen pictures of trees made from wood and thought I’d attempt to make one using branches from the garden. I cut these a couple of weeks ago, cleaned them and let them dry out and finally tied them using some sisal string into a Christmas tree. Simple decorations, just some stars,warm white lights and a fairy on top – et voila! My homemade tree!


November review

Most of the photos I’ve taken this November have been of the wonderful clouds and sunny/sunset skiesimage

even though the days are getting shorter and colder


the views looking up have been spectacular!


November Sunday

A gorgeous, sunny crisp cold Sunday here today in Glasgow imageNext door’s cherry tree is almost bare of its leaves; the sun streams through the branches.

in the front garden, the hydrangea flowers are silhouetted by the blue, blue sky


Tara has been enjoying the sunshine and fresh air all morning

imagebut it’s a bit cold for me, I’m heading indoors for coffee in my new mug (from IKEA ) chocolate and crochet!

imageHappy Sunday to you, whatever it may bring.