Handmade Christmas 2

More decorations using some re-purposes branches from the garden. This is the same branch I used last year to make a glittering golden over-mantelpiece hanging. But I have had a living room makeover since then; now, 2 lovely green sofas grace the room and so my colour scheme is chosen to match.


I found these green and cream baubles in Lidl,they are a perfect match for my sofas! I borrowed the white crocheted motifs from a garland I made a couple of years ago, snazzy stars.for Christmas.I had already made and revealed my Danish heart in green and cream; it was waiting to be used and it looks perfect.



So here is the full wall hanging-fresh colours and simple style.

I’m on a roll with my wood themed decorating! I found this little wooden tree in the supermarket on sale. Looks perfect with some heart lights, lovely shadows!


I have a wooden star (also from Lidl)


And for the dining/music room, I found a lovely chunky branch in the garden, which I’ve been drying out for a few weeks. I cut some holly and ivy and twisted and tied these onto the branch. I added an owl ( because I like them) and another crocheted heart in pink and rose-beige.



I’ve kept my decorations simple this year, no tinsel or glitter. I like it, it’s still festive and light with a touch of the outdoors.

Happy decorating!



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