Everything’s rosy in the garden

July, the month when roses bloom.


I have 2 of these ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ roses, and they flower all through June, July and even August, if I’m really lucky.


This rose is called ‘Peace’, the plant was a bargain buy from a well-known UK discount shop, and it is one of the healthiest and most productive roses I’ve grown. Beautiful.


The rose I bought for my darling cat Oliver is covered with flowers, stunning orange with delicate perfume. ‘Orange Abundance’ is its name-how apt!


‘Nostalgia’, lovely cream and pink petals.



These last 2 roses flower on and on for weeks….but I don’t know their names. Pretty and pink, anyway.image




I found this rose hiding away in the front garden, behind lacy fennel fronds.


It’s called ‘Ferdinand Pichard’. Last year it didn’t flower at all, I think it was having a rest, so I’m delighted to see this rose make a comeback.

All looking lovely and rosy in the garden, right now.







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