Hiya,it’s Tara here. I’m so excited to be speaking to you today.  I love it here in my new home, 6 months here and it’s brilliant!


Here is the place outside the back door, big and green – the “garden” ! Before I came to live here, I stayed inside all the time so I’d never seen anywhere like it before – it’s brilliant!


I love being outdoors. Lovely soft green grass to lie on, flowers to smell and all kinds of places to explore. I sometimes sneak into next door’s garden too!


This is my mum’s latest addition, a greenhouse, nice plants to sniff in here and it’s good for taking shelter from showers

And, I even have my own little purple shed, brilliant!


I love running around outside, it’s great fun and I have lost loads of weight too, almost 1kg. It’s important to make the most of oneself, don’t you think, especially when one is a pretty cat lady!


I’ll be coming back here to let you know what I’m up to soon. More garden antics and slimming tips for sure, it’ll be brilliant! Bye for now x


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