Stopping for crochet today

A welcome day off work, there haven’t been many of those lately, so it’s been a welcome chance to get off the treadmill and relax!


Crochet on the sofa, de-stressing of the best and most colourful kind


I used this pattern for this interesting effect. (I’ve also seen this stitch effect called Apache Tears). I have plans to turn this into a blanket of the loveliest and largest kind, to fit a king size bed using all my favourite colours. The idea is still taking shape in my head, more updates of progress will follow!


A few more rows today to keep that relaxing day off feeling are definitely in order 🙂


Tree of Forgiveness


This painting by Edward Burne-Jones is another wonderful example of Pre-Raphaelite art which can be seen in the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight, near Liverpool. The painting takes as its theme a classical myth. Phyllis fell in love with Demophoon but he went away adventuring, as Greek heroes did, for so long that she lost hope and killed herself. The gods took pity on her and turned her into an almond tree. When Demophoon eventually returned, he embraced the tree in a fit of remorse, and as the tree burst into flower, Phyllis, taking on human form again, emerged from the trunk of the tree; she forgave him and they were reunited. The intensity of the lovers’ facial expression and their gaze into each other’s eyes convey deep feelings of love and joy at their reconciliation, their physicality and the tree in full bloom give more than a hint of sexual longing and passion. I’ve seen it for myself, it is striking, beautiful and memorable, and is a fitting image for a grey back-to-work-after-holidays Monday!

2013 review: Seasons at home

Living at the top of a hill is a good place to watch the seasons come and go and the landscape change.










The same view in different light – I never tire of looking over across the city to the hills to the north of Glasgow, seeing them bathed in sunlight or covered in white snow, grey storm clouds overhead or pink and orange sunset streaks in the sky. It will probably look the same this year as it did in 2013, but that’s fine: the familiar can be a reassuring constant in all our lives.

2013 review: Places

2013 was an interesting year for travelling, both in the UK and abroad, both for business and pleasure. I’ve included Aberdeen, Inverness, Dundee, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Newcastle, Amsterdam and Bregenz in this collage.


2013 review: Garden

Happy New Year!

Today’s review of 2013 features some of the beautiful flowers, roots and fruits which I grew over the year.1-Desktop90