I’ve wanted to visit Levens Hall in Cumbria for some time and it was very fortuitous that my trip to the Lake District found me staying about 30 minutes away. It’s famous for its topiary garden as well as the Hall which is more than 500 years old. No photos allowed in the house, so come with me to look round the beautiful garden.

Lovely old windows and gutters which have heart patterns on them, gorgeous!

We found this statue of a hare in the middle of a maze made of willow, which you can see in the background. The money is left for luck, probably so you can get out of the maze again!

This topiary was created for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee

And this one for the more recent celebrations

I felt like I was in a n Alice in Wonderland landscape with all the imaginatively shaped topiary, which looked lush and so green on this damp and cool day. A treasure of a garden, I’m glad I visited.


One thought on “Topiary

  1. jibyjue April 30, 2013 / 10:25 pm

    awesome pictures!! would love to visit Scotland .. my gram was from there


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