Oliver speaks

Hello, I am Oliver.

I am taking over today as Marie has been very busy. She goes out a lot with that musical instrument, cello is its name, on her back. Sometimes she gets it out of its case and scratches it with a wooden stick…..at first, I didn’t think much of the noise, but now I am used to it, I quite like it, although it does disturb my slumbers somewhat.

I like living here, it’s cosy with lots of nice cushions, there are toys for me to play with (in fact, my ball control is so good that Marie says i could show the England team a thing or two) and I have got M well trained now; we have lots of cuddles on the sofa, she puts out lovely food for me and lets me out whenever I like, to run around the garden.

The garden is brilliant, big and green with lots of grass to roll about on, flowers and leaves to rub my cheeks against, big bushes to hide under and not 1 but 2 sheds with roofs I can sit on and watch what’s happening;  lots of fun 🙂

I try to help sometimes

but really, a fine fellow like myself should not be too concerned with menial tasks

especially when there are comfy places to sleep

aaaah, good to stretch out

I’m glad I was able to pop in and say hi to you all. I will be back, but right now, I feel rather tired and think a nap is in order……… laters !


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