Just finished

I made this for my friend Liz, it’s a birthday gift for a relative and will soon be wending its way to Australia; it makes me feel very happy to think that this cushion will be gracing a chair or sofa on the other side of the world. Liz asked me for a colour scheme of gold and red, so I chose yarns in buttery yellow and burnished bronze, and rich red and a variegated yarn with copper, red and purple. It’s bold and vibrant and I think it’s turned out beautifully. The rose motif  is one I’ve used before to great effect and fittingly, it comes from Sarah London in Australia

I made a granny square for the back

And a button fastening; I had these small creamy yellow buttons in my button box, waiting for the right project to finish off.

I’m loving the fact that making items on request is getting me to be much more adventurous in my choices of colour. Left to my own devices, I’d never have picked these shades and combined them, but they work so well together. I must get out of my comfort zone more often and use a broader, bolder palette!


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